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Top 3 Time-Saving Vacation Rental Management Tools for Vacation Home Owners

With property management companies charging up to 45% of the rent on a rental property, more and more vacation home owners are turning to the Internet to book their rental properties in order to keep more of their rent.

While sites like HomeAway offer vacation home owners a new place to advertise their rental properties, most vacation home owners find that these websites alone do not produce enough rent to keep their property fully booked. Worse still, vacation home owners are finding that the mundane tasks of answering questions, submitting invoices and rental agreements manually, updating their property availability calendars, and all the other tasks associated with replacing a property management company properties add up to a total work

However, there are online software management tools for vacation rental properties that can greatly reduce the amount of time you spend managing these types of activities.

To help vacation home owners find, book and manage rentals online for their rental properties, here are the top three vacation rental management tools that no vacation home owner should go without.

1. Online Booking and Booking Management System

If there is something that online consumers have learned to expect, it is an instant gratification. If a potential renter cannot book and book your vacation property online instantly, you are decreasing your chances of getting their business.

Websites like HomeAway urge vacation home owners to “respond quickly! Data show that homeowners who answer questions within 3 hours close 57% more bookings than homeowners who respond within 24 hours.” Imagine what eliminating response time can do to improve your bookings, then.

With today’s integrated online booking, credit card processing and reservation management systems, there’s no reason to keep your prospective tenants waiting. These best services offer renters an instant rate quote, including taxes, and allow them to sign up and book their vacation rental property instantly using any credit card.

Some vacation rental management software solution providers offer this service – including setting up business credit card processing on your behalf – at no up-front cost. You pay only a small portion of the reservation amount when a renter uses the online system. If you have multiple sites, be sure to find a provider that allows software to integrate with other sites so you can centrally manage online bookings for all sites through a main interface.

2. Auto Update Availability Calendars

If you’re like most vacation home owners, to find enough renters to book your property as often as you like, you have listings on all the major vacation listings sites. You can complement these efforts with manual posts on Craigslist and even your own personal website that you maintain. Whenever you book a rental, you must log in to each site / listing and update the vacation property availability calendar. This can take a long time.

A better way to manage your vacation home availability calendars is to use a centralized, self-updating calendar, linked to a booking and reservation system. Whenever you accept a reservation through the reservation system, the availability calendar automatically marks the booked dates as unavailable. After pointing all your sites and listings to your centralized calendar (as easy as inserting a link on the web page), all your listings are automatically updated with the latest availability information – without the need for manual intervention from your site. part.

3. Electronic Leasing Agreements

A big time saver for the DIY owner is the electronic rental terms and contracts. If done correctly, an electronic contract is a legally valid signed contract. Many vacation rental software providers offer vacation home owners the ability to customize terms and rental agreements and include agreeing to these as part of the booking / booking process – ensuring that their renters have signed and agreed with your terms before they can book your vacation home.

Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals Versus Carpinteria Vacation Rentals

Now that summer is coming, Central California Coast travelers often ask me how best to stay and experience beautiful Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is a destination point full of incredible tourist accommodations. Some of Santa Barbara’s most amazing hotels and vacation rentals and campsites on this part of the scenic coast are available in this charming seaside town.

What about tourists looking to experience the Central Coast without having to pay the high prices for typical Santa Barbara food and lodging, including Santa Barbara vacation rentals? Santa Barbara borders Montecito, a small enclave of multi-million dollar homes and upscale restaurants. Forget. A little farther down the ocean – only 20 kilometers – frugal tourists will meet in the charming coastal town of Carpinteria. Carpinteria is small – population with less than 15,000 inhabitants.

Many of Carpinteria’s affordable private vacation rentals are not only cheaper than Santa Barbara’s expensive coastal vacation rentals, but are also located on the sand of what is known as “The Safest Beach in the World.”

While the small town is well represented with good hotels, motels and a guesthouse, the most popular accommodation in Carpinteria is Camping Carpinteria State Beach, which has become a tradition for many families visiting Carpinteria and Santa Barbara each summer. This camp is surrounded by a salt marsh nature park in the north and the seal and sea lion sanctuary in the south. Around the same area there are many beach houses and private condos that are rented each summer as Carpinteria Vacation Rentals.

Carpinteria is unique in this way, because these vacation rentals in Carpinteria are located mainly 4 blocks from the ocean. And most of them are located on famous Sandyland Road, a beachfront street lined with private beach houses, meticulously decorated with
beach and surf themes. On the other hand, Santa Barbara vacation homes are usually not located near the sea, because Santa Barbara is not configured this way.

Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals is located mostly inland, requiring a bus or taxi – or rental car – to reach the ocean. Santa Barbara is a sprawling city compared to the small feel of the small town of Carpinteria, so Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals is located anywhere in the city. In Carpinteria, there’s always plenty of time to enjoy the beach, restaurants, and other points of interest, and there’s still time to drive the 20 miles north to visit Santa Barbara, to take part in Santa Barbara’s incredible restaurant offerings.

Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals is usually privately owned by prosperous owners who own and live on other properties and rent these properties all year round. The owners meticulously decorate these fully-equipped vacation rentals with everything you need to live a week. During the summer, Santa Barbara and Carpinteria vacation rentals typically require at least a one-week stay, although some owners receive offers to stay a minimum of three days.

Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals and Carpinteria Vacation Rentals are often stocked with sheets and linens, pots and pans to make your weekly stay at home. Some homeowners even stock lockers with beach kites, frisbees, boogie boards and umbrellas. These are amenities that you cannot go camping or staying in a hotel.

The typical cost differences between Carpinteria Vacation Rentals and Santa Barbara Vacation Rentals are considerable. In Carpinteria, you can pay at least $ 1800 for a two bedroom ocean vacation rental for a week. The same size for Santa Barbara vacation rentals will cost $ 2500. In winter, Santa Barbara’s and Carpinteria’s vacation homes fall as much as rates, as the summer tourist season slows and weekly rates shift to monthly rates.

So what is the conclusion about the value question when comparing Santa Barbara vacation rentals to Carpinteria vacation rentals? If you don’t mind driving 20 miles to visit Santa Barbara, then Carpinteria Vacation Rentals is the top value. Otherwise, if you don’t have a car, taxis and buses seem inconvenient, Santa Barbara vacation rentals are probably the safest way.

Marketing Your Vacation Rental Home Part Two – Online Marketing

This article, part two of a series, will help vacation rental home owners learn more about how to market a rental property online. It’s important to understand that people looking for a vacation home often look for more than they can at a branded hotel. They usually want space, privacy, laundry and – almost always – a cheaper rate than if they were in a hotel.

The main difference between booking a private vacation rental home and a branded hotel chain is that you know in advance what you will receive when you book with a hotel chain. Also, if things are not right, you will always have the manager available to sort things out for you. On the other hand, vacation rental homes are almost always privately owned and operated, and in the past you were never sure what you were buying.

The Internet has changed everything about marketing a rental property. Prospective tenants can now visit a website to view photos and read information about a vacation home before making a final decision – meaning that marketing a rental property online must be a top priority.

The Benefits of Marketing a Rental Property Online

By marketing your rental property online, you have the perfect and inexpensive way to show this vacation rental home to the world. Online marketing can put you on a par with major hotel chains; In fact, it really gives you an advantage. While the sites are practical and informative, you can take time and TLC to make your site warm and welcoming, while reassuring prospective renters that your vacation rental home will more than meet their needs.

In addition, establishing a website for your vacation home offers a global presence. Although the US vacation rental market is still in its infancy, it is the norm in many other countries for families to stay in vacation homes rather than hotels. Marketing a rental property on the Internet can help a US homeowner reach families from abroad and attract them home.

Bringing Your Vacation Home Online

There are several ways you can use the Internet to market your rental property:

Create your own website
List your vacation home with an agent or property manager.
List your vacation home on one of the many vacation rental sites.
While all three options for marketing a rental property have their place, it is essential to create your own Internet site. Having your own website gives you complete control of how your vacation rental home looks to potential renters. If someone contacts you and wants to rent your home, do you really want to submit it to a site that contains other homes similar to yours? Remember, there are always other landlords out there who are also involved in using the Internet to market their rental properties and who will only hurt you to get the rent. Site listing can help you reach more people, but in the end you want a renter to see your individual site.

Creating Your Own Website for Your Vacation Home

Your site should consist of the following standard pages, which are important for optimizing the marketing of your rental property:

Home page
Property Description
Photo gallery
Visitor Information
Contact information
The Home Page
The home page is probably the most important part of your rental property marketing strategy, as this is the visitor’s first point of contact with your home. Make sure your homepage design is simple, clean and organized. Consider adding two photos instead of just one to make your site stand out from the competition. One image may be the traditional photo of the front of the house, while the other may be something that differentiates the rental property – a great view, a beautiful sunrise, a poolside scene and so on. You can also take a picture of the illuminated house at night, which will surely make the image memorable.

What You Need to Know about Vacation Rentals before You Go

This time of year is finally here. You know what I’m talking about, the week or two you get each year to escape “real life” and just be you. Relax, eat and drink well, enjoy your family, get back the sleep you need. But before you pack and leave, rethink your stay in a too-normal hotel. Believe it or not, you have options, one of which is season rent.

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave home, get to your destination city, and settle into a “home away from home” for your next vacation? This is what vacation rentals are all about. These are houses waiting to be rented by people on vacation. Each vacation rental owner will have different criteria regarding the type of renter they are looking for, each vacation rental home varies in amenities and each price depends on the time of year and length of stay. It sounds like a great idea, but how do you figure out how to make it happen? It’s not a problem. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions about vacation rentals. Keep reading, my friend, your next vacation home “home away from home” is just around the corner.

Holiday Rentals FAQ

What are the advantages of a vacation rental?

Ever wish your hotel room had a little more personality? Yes, I thought so. Well, renting someone else’s house for your vacation may be exactly what you are looking for. Usually offering larger living spaces than hotel rooms, these vacation rentals are about living as if you were in your own home. They offer more privacy than hotel rooms, and most rentals have a kitchen area for cooking, which will ultimately save you money if you prepare some of your own meals.

You will enjoy several rooms, and perhaps even different levels, instead of a large room where the whole family sleeps. Many homeowners will leave information on what to do and see in the local area. Holiday homes are clean, friendly, comfortable and inviting. This is because many of them are not only rental homes, but also function as the homeowner’s residence for part of the year.

Most holiday rentals are usually cheaper per night than the hotel counterpart. By renting directly from the owner, you will avoid taxes, tips and other strange charges. However, there is a wide variation in costs based on many factors (see How much should I expect to pay below)

What are the disadvantages of a vacation rental?

Of course, there is always the other side of the coin. Since vacation rentals are usually not monitored by a centrally managed company, you will only know what you are getting into when you get the rent. Many homeowners require prepayment or at least a large deposit fee before arriving. Therefore, if things are not what you expected upon arrival or if you find your residence unacceptable and decide to go to a local hotel, you may lose any prepaid money. This is also valid for last minute cancellations. There is usually no refund. You always risk getting less than expected, but it is rare.

Most of the time, vacation rentals tend to be cheaper than an average hotel room per night. But not always, so make sure you are comfortable with the price you will be asked to pay.

Another disadvantage of vacation rentals is the lack of an on-site managing member to deal with problems you may encounter with the home or during your overall stay. Most homeowners get around this by having a list of emergency numbers, utility companies, and other items available to the renter if they need anything.

What amenities are included in a vacation rental?

Because each rental is owned by a different owner, each includes different amenities. Some come with swimming pools, hot tubs, others with golf packages and stable privileges. In cities with tourist attractions, some owners include tickets to local attractions.

Most vacation rentals come with the essentials: TV, fitted kitchen, towels, sheets, and daily utensils, but it never hurts to ask these questions when looking for the perfect place. Make sure you understand exactly what you are paying for before sending the payment.

Vacation Rentals Can Make Vacations Truly Memorable

Vacations are something everyone longs for months of work and hard work. It is the moment when we forget all your worries and desires to relax and enjoy. With high hopes of a perfect vacation, you have to choose from many beautiful tourist sites and choose a specific location. However, choosing a great location is just one element in the entire vacation planning process. Deciding on the best accommodation, location, desired amenities and price is also an important part of the vacation planning process. While hotels have historically been the preferred choice for many travelers, these rentals are fast becoming a popular choice for accommodations around the world.

It can be anything from homes, chalets, cabins, villas or condos. Regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, it will usually be more spacious than a hotel room and will offer an affordable price. These rentals range from rustic cabins to luxurious homes or condos. Luxury vacation homes offer gourmet kitchens, home theaters, saunas, hot tubs and spas, fireplaces, charming gardens, alarm systems, books and more. Some rentals also offer cleaning services, grocery delivery, catering and laundry services. Some rental managers or owners may also provide access to private clubs, such as golf or exercise facilities.

Most vacation rentals are near prime locations and popular tourist areas of the holiday destination. These great locations offer vacationers the opportunity to easily explore the area. These rentals serve as a second home located in the heart of your vacation destination and offer all the comforts you want while on vacation.

It can be securely booked online by credit card through holiday rental sites or you can contact the owner or property manager directly. Using the help of professional rental managers can be beneficial if you are looking for a custom package to fit your needs. They may also offer discounted rates for last minute rentals or off-season rental periods.

These rentals usually offer a better value than hotels, especially if someone is on vacation with family or group. A vacation rental can accommodate one or more families, which would normally require multiple hotel rooms. This can lead to significant cost savings and provide amenities and flexibility not available in hotels.

Some of the things you should keep in mind before deciding to go for a vacation rental:

* Price – Budget is an important factor for vacations and it is essential to set a budget for accommodations and restrict selection to budget-compliant vacation rentals.

* Size of Accommodation – This is also an important consideration, which depends on the number of people in the group on the vacation trip. The setting of the room is also important so that couples, singles, young children and the elderly can be accommodated. With a larger group, one can opt for larger houses or cabins, while smaller condos or villas are ideal for a couple.

* Location – You should look for vacation rentals that match a type of activity that your plan should follow. A centrally located rental offers the opportunity to explore the area and walk to beaches, ski areas, shops or restaurants. On the other hand, if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle, you can choose a property that is more remote and maximizes privacy and tranquility.

* Amenities – A huge variety of amenities are available for vacation rentals, so it’s important to decide which amenities you should have versus which ones would be nice to have, but won’t be the deciding factor. For example, if you have a hot tub and high speed internet on your must list, this simplifies the selection process and ensures you find the rental that will provide the vacation experience you are looking for.

This article was written by an expert working with Perfect Places Inc., a leading vacation rental company that offers vacation rentals worldwide, such as season rent and season rent.


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